How it works


Take the key of individuality in your hands!


You can design your signature drumsticks in few easy steps:

1. Choose the head type

2. Choose your taper

3. Choose the diameter

4. Choose your prefered length

5. Choose your favourite wood type

6. Upload your signature design (optinal). The resolution of the uploaded file should be minimum 150 dpi, 52 × 12 mm and the format must be vectorgraphic (.png / .jpg / vectorgraphic .pdf).


Additional information

In the case of ordering Crann For You drumsticks without custom print, the minimum order is 1 pair. The drumsticks are going to have standard Crann For You logo.

If you wish to use your custom print on your drumsticks, the minimum order is 15 pairs. In every case of a Crann for You signature order we optimize the size and the position of the print. By giving your email address and click to submit button, you can ask for a custom design made by Crann Drumsticks. This service is available for an extra (€20–€40 one-time) charge, depending on the complexity of the print.

Saving and loading your drumstick configurations

If you are a registered user and you already logged in, you have the possibility to save and load your custom drumstick configurations. To save, click the “Save to favorites” button next to the “Share on facebook” button on the bottom of the Crann For You site.

To load your saved configuration, go to your account and click to “my favorites”. Here, you can see the list about your saved configurations. Click on “Load to Configurator” button and your custom stick is going to appear in the Crann For You site.

Have a nice design and get ready to use your dream-drumsticks made by Crann!



Design your signature drumsticks in few easy steps

Choose your favorite attributions, upload your logo and enjoy your grooves with Crann!

Signature print

Customize your self-designed drumsticks!


You have the possibility to use your custom-designed print on your Crann For You drumsticks. Just click on "upload", browse your file and see how your logo is going to look on your drumsticks!

The file must fulfil the following requirements:

The resolution of the uploaded file should be at least 150 dpi, 52 × 12 mm and the format must be vectorgraphic (.png / .jpg / vectorgraphic .pdf).

After uploading your logo, we will fine-tune it, to make sure it will look great on your drumsticks.

Have a nice one!


Image minimum size: 53x12 mm
Image minimum resolution: 150 dpi
File extensions: .png, .pdf, .eps

Your custom design

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