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About us

Connect to your instrument!

The most important thing for a musician is his instrument and the tool what he makes it sound with. Our mission is to let the drummers find the best connection with their instrument.


Who we are?

Crann is a small drumstick manufactory in West-Hungary, founded by George Kovacsics, Drummer. In the aspect of creating a new idea of producing and individualizing products, Crann Drumsticks Corporation is considered to be a startup company. The mission idea is to let the online users decide of their needs and make it possible to create their own drumstick configurations on an online designer platform. This platform is called Crann For You.

The company synchronizes the advantageous possibilities of modern software-controlled machines and the boundless existence of the online world. These components make the continous developement possible.

Size matters. Don’t be too big…

Despite of production methods limiting the capacity, the company can turn its size into a beneficial factor. Our company runs with 3 staff members only. All of us are responsible for the developing and producing phases. This fact leads the company to a fast and qualitative production.

Beside the high quality standards, the concept of the manufactory is to focus on economical solutions. The drumsticks are made in a small but wisely spaced workshop so that, the area is big enough to manage the customer’s wish in a good order. Since Crann products are available online mostly, the company is not forced to mass production. Crann products are hand selected, pitch and weight paired, hand lacquered, hand sanded, and are not mass-produced. Beside, the precise machining lets us produce as less waste as possible, moreover, it is recycled as a high efficient, compressed heating material of passive houses (read our environmental pocilcy).

Crann Drumsticks Co. runs its manufacturing processes conscientiously and correspondently to the environmental aspects. We do believe that the successful production  is in connenction with the effective environmental protection therefore we use green technology only. The purchase of the wood material are from places where the environmentally friendly logging of wood is used.

In the next period we would like to start a drumstick recycling program that aims to recover the broken and used drumsticks on an economical and environmentally friendly way. The program can be attended by anyone who wants to take steps for a greener future.



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