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Crann 5A

Concrete as concrete.

The shapes of model 5A were developed to have a good attack and full “pingy” sound with a moderate rebound. The stick is easily controllable and despite its measurements, it has a very good weight-pull ratio. The special head design results more durability and concrete sound. Perfect choice for drummers who need compromises to choose their right tool.

Head 14.2 mm 405 mm
Crann 5A Hickory    € 8.50 Pair
€ 8.50

Crann Fusion

Expand Your dynamic range!

If you play wide dynamic ranges, Crann fusion may be your proper choice. The optimal length and round tip compounds with an intermediate diameter and results a nice and durable all-round drumstick from soft to loud volume playing.

Head 14 mm 410 mm
Crann Fusion Hickory    € 8.50 Pair
€ 8.50

Crann Medium

Be versatile!

This model is designed for soft and medium volume drummers. The versatility of the design is shown in the difference of wood materials. If you like short and thin drumsticks but want to feel more weight in your hands, choose bubinga! If you play soft volume and prefer light sticks, Maple is the right choice for you. If you choose Hickory, you can expand your playing comfort in multiple dynamic ranges.

Head 14.2 mm 405 mm
Crann Medium Hickory    € 8.50 Pair
€ 8.50

Crann Rock

Boost your backbeat!

The Crann Rock is developed for loud and definite players. The massive and tough construction lets you play the maximum loudness of your instrument. This model has the thickest diameter on our palette.

Head 15.2 mm 415 mm
Crann Rock Hickory    € 8.50 Pair
€ 8.50

Crann Jam

Get ready for the session!

Due to its considered design, you can use this model in many situations. It has a unique weight-pull ratio and the shape of the tip gives a clear, well defined but not too sharp sound on ride cymbals. Good choice for drummers who want to play different styles with the same stick.

Head 14.8 mm 415 mm
Crann Jam Hickory    € 8.50 Pair
€ 8.50

Crann Jazzy


Crann Jazzy is a true jazz-drumstick. The long and slender taper receives the vibrations and gives a good rebound from any surface. The oval tip is responsible for the concrete sound on cymbals and the length-diameter ratio completes the stick to a well balanced, jazzy construction.

Head 14.2 mm 415 mm
Crann Jazzy Hickory    € 8.50 Pair
€ 8.50

Crann Slapper

Throw your beats!

Slapper is developed for drummers who like to feel the pull of a drumstick. Due to its taper design, the balance point is in the front, but the shape of the head gives a quick rebound. These ingredients result a fast, well-balanced drumstick. Optimal choice for “downstroke” drummers.

Head 14.8 mm 415 mm
Crann Slapper Hickory    € 8.50 Pair
€ 8.50
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